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As if being a twentysomething in 2019 wasn’t hard enough already, about halfway through a decade full of major changes, financial independence, and student loan refund, life offers yet another thing for you to go into debt for: wedding season. Whether you are the bride, the bridesmaid, or just a lowly guest, your priorities after 25 start to look a lot less like student loans and happy hours, and a lot more like wedding gifts, destination flights, and ugly dresses. Before you swear off having any friends( and therefore, nuptial obligations ), we have some good news on the pre-wedding front. You can breathe a sigh of relief, because it might not be expensive as you think–at least for the bachelorette party.

WeddingWire just dropped a new study* on bachelor and bachelorette parties( because people study those, apparently) and, unlike most new information on wedding festivities, this one isn’t a total bummer for your finances! As it turns out, Instagram tends to exaggerate the extravagance of the pre-nuptial parties( shocker !), and everyone your age isn’t emptying out their life savings to fly to the Caribbean for all their friends’ bachelorette parties( though the same cannot be said for the heinous bridesmaid gowns they have to shell out their money for ). What’s more, girls are actually likely to spend less on the bachelorette than men are on the bachelor party( to which I reiterate: bridesmaid dress, we’ve earned this ). Rest assured that you can have your Chippendales stripper, and throw money at him too( though I recommend sticking to hurling singles. You’re not a millionaire ).

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Whether the festivals be the always-popular club scene or the more laid back spa day, women on average are only dishing out around $708 to celebrate their girlfriends’ last day of singledom( humen spend $1,044 on average ). That’s a lot of money, but somehow , not as much as I would expect when you consider airfare, hotels, entertainment, etc. This is, in part, a result of most parties remaining local. 92% of bachelor and bachelorettes remain in the U.S. and don’t last longer than 2 to 3 days. Again, contrary to what Instagram would have you believe, most bachelorette parties aren’t whipping out their passport. Sure, some women splurge a bit more and bathe in the sun with their betches on the coasts of the Caribbean or Mexico, but most stick to the following U.S. bachelorette party destinations. In order, these are WeddingWire’s most popular bachelorette party places:

Las Vegas, NV( Because, duh .) Los Angeles, CA( Maybe it’s not tropical, but it’s still pretty glamorous. Plus, clubs. Sooo many clubs .) New York, NY( As someone who lives here, I can assure you this is a destination that is only economical for its residents. Especially if your festivities include shopping .) Miami( More clubbing. Also South Beach .) Nashville, TN( Multi-story bars, live music, fried chicken, what’s not to love? Though be forewarned, this destination is becoming a bit of a cliche for bridal parties) Dallas, TX( Can someone please explain why Dallas is on this list, but not Austin ?) Orlando, FL( I was to be hoped there is no question on the list because of Disney World. Just think of the children, people .) New Orleans, LA( Okay, I guess ghosts and sorcery aren’t everyone’s thing, but the fact that Dallas somehow topped NOLA truly offends me) Philadelphia, PA( Someone once described Philly to me as an arts and crafts version of NYC. Take that as you are able to) Atlanta, GA( Another destination with great nightlife, and great Southern food. Dieting brides beware !)

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