Top catfish called Boris

IF the UK Prime Minister was a fish, he just might be this one….

Catfish ace Dan Winston was thrilled to break the ‘ton’ barrier for the first time with this 103 lb 8 oz giant, which he has named Boris.

That’s right, he named it after Prime Minister Boris Johnson for allowing English fishing to start again quickly when lockdown measures began to ease.

Dan offered a massive string of ten 20 mm CatMaster Tackle Red Supreme pellets on a ‘brick’ running rig with a CMT 2/0 Pellet/Boilie hook at Swallow Pool, in Bedfordshire.

The 44-year-old sealant applicator from Dagenham, Essex, said: “It was my first outing of the season and it all came good.

“My target was to catch a cat out of this notoriously unforgiving venue, but my ‘heart aim’ was a new PB and, dare I say, a UK ‘ton’.

“At just after midnight on the first night, my middle rod screamed into the beautiful Delkim song. I was then bent into a powerful fish giving deliberate slow surges.

“After a great battle, a very muscular beast graced my mat, measuring just under 2 metres.

“The needle pulled round to a magical 103 lb 8 oz, and I was like jelly, stunned and excited. It was an indescribable feeling. I’d done it, my target and mission was accomplished.

“With the great honour of being able to name this fish, as it is a new ‘ton’, I thought long and hard with my fishing buddies, Jackie and Jay Proud. It is now known as Boris, the after-lockdown ‘ton’.”

While Boris is a top cat, it’s not the biggest in Britain. That unofficial title now rests with a 147 lb catch recently to Paul Fyson.

He starred in Angler’s Mail magazine’s unrivalled Fish Of The Week pages after catching a known Oak Lakes Fisheries monster.

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