These People Are Buried Alive Every Night, But They Select To Live That Way

Imagine living in a place where you have to dig out of your house every morning.

This is part of everyday life for the people who live in Shoyna, which is a small, remote village in Northern . The desert township is completely surrounded by sand dunes. Pair that with coastal gusts, and there’s no way for these people to stop their houses from getting interred every .

Shoyna used to be a thriving fishing port, but after in the White Sea led to increasingly unsuccessful trade, sand dunes began taking over in the 1980 s.

Now less than 300 people live there with few opportunities in the way of work besides digging out houses and hunting geese.

They don’t close their doors at night and don’t even bother sweeping the sand out of their homes. Who can blame them?

Despite all the difficulties they face, they are proud of their little town and have learned to live with the sand.

I applaud these people’s tireless attempts, but I definitely wouldn’t be able to deal with that every single day.

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There’s something severely unsettling about someone’s home being interred up to the roof every night. I truly hope for their sakes that the sand never goes higher than that.

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