These comedy wildlife photos show off nature’s silly side

This meerkat is sick and tired of your sh* t .
Image: brigitta moser/ barcroft media

LONDON Nature might be a harsh and unforgiving place, but it can also be a funny one.

The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards now down to 40 finalists from the 2016 batch of entrants is here to celebrate the animal kingdom’s more ridiculous side.

From cheerful frogs to grouchy bison, here’s a selection of the images submitted for the 2016 prize.

This bear needs to practice its fishing technique.

Image: rob kroenert/ barcroft media

This frog is the happiest guy in the whole pond.

Image: Artyom Krivosheev/ barcroft media

This bison literally has no words.

Image: tom stables/ barcroft media

This pelican is compensating for his lack of accuracy with a great deal of frantic enthusiasm.

Image: Nicolas de vaulx/ barcroft media

This bird thinks certain goings on in the forest merely aren’t suitable for his smaller companion.

Image: Ashish Inamdar/ barcroft media

These guys have spotted something interesting in the distance.

Image: patricia bauchman/ barcroft media

This fox is full of regret.

Image: Angela Bohike/ barcroft media

This lizard is ready to take on anyone foolish enough to cross him.

Image: anup deodhar/ barcroft media

You can see the photos of all 40 finalists here.

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