Shanghai Sacred: inside China’s religious revival- photo essay

Photographer and anthropologist Liz Hingley uncovers the spiritual landscape of Chinas largest city, revealing the spaces and rites of this cosmopolitan megalopolis that is home to 26 million people and to religious groups from Buddhism to Islam, Christianity to Bahaism, Hinduism to Taoism

China is undergoing one of the great religious revivals of our time. Hundreds of millions of people disturbed by the pace of advancement in their country are turning to faith for the meaning and hope they don’t found under the radically secular world around them. This search for the sacred is changing social structure and shaping China’s future in new and significant ways.


Fire ceremony gathering( 2016)

Xu Guangqi Memorial Hall- A memorial for the Chinese scholar, statesman and Catholic convert Xu Guangqi( 1562 -1 633) is located in a small park named after him

Noodles for Shanghai Shabbat( 2016)

Fang Sheng gathering, Changning district( 2015)

Fang Sheng gathering, Shanghai Ferry Port( 2015)

Memorial Hall of the First Congress of the Chinese Communist party, Xintiandi area( 2015)

The Longhua Revolutionary Martyrs’ Memorial( 2015)

Shanghai Daoist College at Dongyue temple( 2015)

Baiyun temple( 2014)

Bowl singing therapy session with Jasmine, Tibetan Buddhist centre( 2014)

Thai Buddhist shrine, Super Brand mall, Pudong( 2016)

Diwali festival( 2013)

Procession, Jinze town( 2016)

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