Rod licence evasion ensure angler excavation himself into PS1, 130 hole

BREAKING the law by not having valid rod licence genuinely can land you with a stiff penalty these days .

Rod licence evasion is one crime which over-worked EA faculty try to control .

Rod licence evasion paid for one human who tried to appeal his offence … and was given a whopping APS1, 130 penalty.

Matthew Holt, of Hollington Crescent in Birmingham, West Midlands, was caught red-handed at Warwickshireas day ticket Mineral Lake.

Holt appealed one court finding and then failed to show for the re-trial.

The 26 -year-old was then fined APS3 00 and ordered to pay trial costs of APS8 00, plus a APS3 0 victim surcharge, after appealing a previous penalty of APS2 20.

Northampton Magistrates’ Court heard how Holt hurriedly bought a rod licence online while an Agency bailiff dealt with another angler on the lake.

The court agreed that Holt was detected angling before he had a licence and believed he would have continued to fish illegally if the bailiff had not arrived.

Don’t join rod licence evasion rogues

EA spokesman Andrew Eardley said aAn annual licence costs simply APS3 0, yet a small number of anglers continue to flout the law and risk prosecution for fishing without a licence.

” When buying a licence online it takes around 30 minutes to become active. It’s important anglers have a licence before angling; the money from licences is invested into Englandas and rivers, improving the sport of angling .”

The latest figures collated by the Angling Trust on rod licence prosecutions depicted 85 anglers had been fined across the country, with a total of APS2 3,767 at an average of only under APS2 80.

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