Review: Octbox D25 Two-Drawer Seat Box and Lithium Powered Wheel Kit

The Octbox D25 Two-Drawer Seat Box and Lithium Powered Wheel Kit comes under the beady eye of Angler’s Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He’s the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

Description: top-end seatbox and electric barrow.

Seatbox specifications: constructed from ultra-strong and ultra-light alloy; 230 welds provide a rock-solid system; weighs 13 kg; supplied with two alloy drawers, one is 4 cm deep with three removable foam-lined alloy trays, the other is 2 cm deep with removable and adjustable drawer dividers; other drawer configurations are available; footplate; extending tool bar with connectors for three keepnets; height adjustable frame with spirit levels; six D25 legs; alloy feet with maximum grip, leg choices are 30-50 cm for level banks, 50-90 cm for rivers and natural venues; box can support a weight in excess of 1,500 kg; padded seat; adjustable and removable butt rest; sockets have been built to allow the seatbox to be converted into a four-wheel barrow in under a minute; extending tool bar allows accessories to be moved a further 45 cm away from your feet, giving you more room; moving the pole support further out can reduce the pressure on an angler’s elbow by up to 30 per cent.

Upgraded Lithium Powered Wheel Kit specifications: converts the seatbox into a four-wheel powered barrow in about a minute; powered by a Lithium 16AH 12 V battery; rear module allows two height-adjustable handles and wheels to be fitted into the rear of the Octbox; front module fits a motorised wheel kit into the front of the seatbox footplate; new MK19 powered unit is totally bespoke; 60:1 gear ratio produces a high amount of torque, ensuring the barrow can handle loads of any size when coupled with the large, high-grip wheels; high ground clearance.

My verdict: always looking to improve and upgrade when they can, even if it means putting in a lot of hard work, Octbox look to have cracked any electric barrow conundrums.

This refined design comes with more ground clearance, grip and overall torque. Instead of having to give it a nudge to help it along sloping ground when it is fully loaded, this design will pull away unassisted, partly thanks to a new worm gearbox and lower gearing.

The thinner wheels grip more, in fact Octbox report that every part of the new barrow is bespoke and that anglers will feel the benefit of each one. They’ve designed and manufactured every part, including the wheels, from scratch.

I hear that similar systems relying on components from the golf industry struggle in certain situations, especially when fully loaded. Tricky terrain can also be an issue for some barrows, as they often ‘bottom out’.

There are four connection points on this design, the rear wheel kit module attaching to the seatbox. It’s expected that a lot of customers are likely to buy the box and wheel kit as one package, costing just under £1,100, recognising that it is good value for the level of engineering involved.

Octbox report that the D25 is lighter than 90 per cent of other systems on the market, which I am sure will appeal to match anglers.

It can also be converted in just 60 seconds into an electric barrow that can be balanced and steered with one hand to your swim, which I reckon is quite a plus point.

If you already have an Octbox and want to buy only the front and rear powered barrow modules, I’ve been informed that they will fit any Octbox seatbox made after 2013.

As well as a massive range of optional extras, a third bearing has also been added to the front axle of the powered wheel kit, giving it additional support. This Power Kit upgrade is free if you already have one of the powered wheel kits.

Find out more by visiting

Prices: £1,095; Barrow only £625.

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