Review: Dynamite Amino Black Milled Expanders Groundbait

The Dynamite Amino Black Milled Expanders Groundbait comes for the purposes of the beady eye of Angler’s Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He’s the No. 1 products inspector, checking out loadings of quality kit every week.

THE Dynamite Amino Black Milled Expanders Groundbait looks like a useful option for the months ahead, especially for carp, F1s and skimmers.

It contains 100 per cent milled expander pellets, to ensure that you can prepare a sun, fluffy groundbait that will attract without overfeeding them. It is a nutritious, easy-to-digest mix, thanks to its amino acid profile.

Being black, this groundbait will be a very useful option for clear water in the colder months.

Price: APS3. 99.

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