Nick Helleur says’ hello’ to new Thames carp record

HERE it is … the first authenticated 50 lb carp from the mighty River Thames .

Nick Helleur admires his Thames carp record .

Full-time angler Nick Helleur beat the Thames carp record with this stunning 50 lb 14 oz linear mirror.

The 47 -year-old caught the from his own trailer boat on the middle Thames after a two-year campaign on the venue … a campaign that’s ongoing.

It is the equivalent fish as the old official Thames carp record of 48 lb 7 oz in 2017 capture by Steve Shenfield.

But it is definitely a fish to Ash Gedenas 44 lb 10 oz linear caught in September .

Nick said: aIam fully aware my life is different to most other anglers, itas like Groundhog Day.

aI nearly always wake up on the bank, head off to a cafA( c) for a coffee and maybe some breakfast and then go onto a different water.

aAnd if that isnat right, I head off for another venue.

aIave always had an insatiable thirst for catching carp but I get bored easily and move around a lot.

aIave done more fishing than most people with a full-time chore could do in ten life-times.

aIave been after this fish for the past two years and Iad says it is the best carp in the country.

aI baited up a lot as there are just so many bream in there, putting in ridiculous amounts, a added Nick.

Tactics were fishing a snowman rig with a glugged Sticky Baits Krill bottom bait and a Signature Squid pop-up over lots of peanuts and Krill boilies.

Nick also fished a bit different , not utilizing bite alarms, but sea fishing-style bells added to the rod tips.

It entails he can fish tight lines and get instant indication as he doesnat want to wind in bream the next morning that have been hooked all night.

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