NHS to benefit from Social Distancing Carp Cup

ANGLERS all over the country have been doing their bit to support the hard-working NHS staff during the Covid-19 crisis – and there’s a special event for carp fans.

Mike Salisbury created the Social Distancing Carp Cup.

Angler’s Mail columnist Mike Salisbury has devised an NHS Fundraiser in the form of the Social Distancing Carp Cup. Everyone’s welcome to enter!

Mike said: “The basic premise is that anglers may fish any water in the United Kingdom during the competition.

“It will last for 24 hours, starting at 12.00pm Saturday 20th of June 2020, and ending at 12.00pm on Sunday 21st June 2020.

“The overall winner will be the angler deemed to have caught the “most stunning” carp out of the four categories overall, during the specified times of the competition.

“The winner will be chosen by an expert panel of judges (the Kodex Tackle consultants).

“As well as a cash prize for the overall winner, there is a set of Kodex CX-i alarms up for grabs also.

“Anglers wishing to compete must register and pay on an app called FishDonkey, which will be used throughout the competition to record the fish caught.”

Find out more about the event via a special event page on Facebook >>> HERE.

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