Lure fishing shockers include a sea fish from a canal!

LURE superstar Jason Stokes had the ashock of his lifea when he tempted this huge sea-dwelling smelt … from a canal !

The 28 -year-old lure fishing fan, from Bridlington, East Yorkshire, caught the unusual coastal visitor from the Aire and Calder Navigation in West Yorkshire.

The property maintenance director told: aI didnat weigh it in the hot of the moment. Iave never heard of them get caught there ever before.

aIt fell to a Fox Rage ready-tied drop shot rig, with an 8 cm Tiddler Fast lure in marble pattern.

aI didnat get any perch at all perch at all. It was a tough day compared to how it usually performs but I was chuffed to catch this smelt, a real once in a lifetime , a added Jason.

The fish must have been close to the official British record of 6 oz 12 dr caught back in 1981 off Fleetwood in Lancashire.

Smelt sometimes go into tidal rivers but Angleras Mail has never heard of one from a canal before.

Elsewhere, Darrell Carter( pictured) also had a amaze when his lure to a secret pond made this stunning 24 lb 3 oz common carp.

Ware, Hertfordshire-based Darrell, 45, told: aI was fishing for perch on a light drop shot rod when the carp hoovered up the Berkley Craw jig.

aAbout 30 minutes beforehand I managed to land a 15 lb pike from the other side of the pond on the same rig.

aWhen the carp first make I thought Iad hooked a much bigger pike, perhaps 30 lb-plus by the way it tore off.

aIt took me a good ten minutes before I got to see what it was that was dragging me all over the pond, so you can imagine my astound when I first had a glimpse of her.

aAfter an epic 20 minutes opposed in total, I managed to bringing her into the net.

” My PB carp is 36 lb 6 oz but this was something special, a added the marketing director.

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