House Democrat announce broad probe into allegations of obstruction of justice

( CNN) House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler on Monday announced a sweeping investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign, businesses, transition and administration, a probe that would lay the groundwork for Democrats if they choose to pursue impeachment proceedings against the President.

They are demanding responses within two weeks.

The requests outline a sprawling investigation, seeking documents and communications in matters that include FBI Director James Comey’s firing, possible pardons offered to Trump officials, Trump’s finances and foreign governments, “catch-and-kill” payments involving the National Enquirer’s parent company and Trump, Trump campaign contacts with Russians and WikiLeaks and communications between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The committee’s investigation comes amid the foreseen conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion and blockage of justice, signaling the committee is likely to retread ground that federal prosecutors have already sought. Many of the same witnesses that the Judiciary Committee is now request datum from have already spoken to Mueller’s attorneys and the grand jury.

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