Giant tench – possibly biggest of 2020 – goes back unweighed

MATTHEW KNIGHT recorded one of the biggest tench of the year with a green giant that he’s convinced weighed over his personal best of 12 lb 4 oz.

Matthew admires his jumbo tench.

The experienced big fish ace nabbed the huge tench during a stalking trip, but he forgot to bring his scales, so returned the fish unweighed.

With a PB list that also includes carp to 50 lb 4 oz, 1 lb 2 oz dace, eel 7 lb 4 oz, bream 14 lb, rudd 2 lb 13 oz and perch 3 lb, Matthew is convinced that he caught his best tench.

The 36-year-old estate manager from Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, explained: “I caught a huge female tench on an evening fishing trip with my fiancée, Kate Rivers, and we were a little unprepared for such a whopper.

“I’ve caught a few doubles over the years, and my PB is 12 lb 4 oz.

“When this beast appeared, I was a little gutted that I left my scales at home.

“I know the rough weight of it, and I can tell you that it’s the biggest tench I’ve ever caught and may ever catch. I have a nice memory of returning her.

“It was the only tench that evening. We targeted an area that is popular with carp anglers, knowing that traditional tench tactics don’t seem to work on this water, the tench being tuned into carp baits.

“We were geared up to catch tench and carp, fishing a small running lead with a 10 in. 15 lb Gardner Invisi-Link hook link to a size 8 Korda Kurv hook.

“I caught her on a 10 mm Mainline Cell homemade hook bait, presented over matching pellets and corn at 40 yards.

“I knew it was a tench straight away. She put up a good scrap for a rotund lady.”

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