Fishing Books of the Year disclosed, latest from 83 lb British carp venue- and lots more this week with Angler’s Mail magazine

FISHING BOOKS OF THE YEAR are exclusively revealed inside this weekas Angleras Mail print magazine, out now. Read our insightful verdicts to decide which one you imagination reading this Christmas!

Angler’s Mail is No. 1 for the latest news and this week’s publish publication includes how action is being taken at the 83 lb British carp venue.

The 83 -pounder shocked the angling world when reported by Angler’s Mail, but there is a lot more to the venue … and the owner has been explaining his latest action to the magazine.

This week’s Angler’s Mail brings you a wide variety of great catches, like the enormous perch on the front cover and a Thames record-rocker.

Must-read columnists galore in AM publish publication the coming week include ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND John Bailey on catching aimpossiblea Steve Collett uses his least favourite bait Pete Reading helps you catch grayling Dave Coster helps you save hour with the right tools Dr Ian Welch on keeping fish alive Andy Browne on all you need for the agolden houra Neville Ficklingas guide to pike angling in the New Gear selections by Richard Howard Catch More carp in cold Buying a barrow, with Colin Davidson Jamie Londors catches winter carp on maggots Tom Pickeringas schemed exposed Lee Kerry on winning hair-rigs

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