Crucian carp preservation endeavors devote bright future for the species

ONE of the nation’s true native coarse species, much loved by anglers, looks to have a much brighter future .

Crucian carp has been supported by the work of Calverton farm .

Crucian carp conservation endeavors continue apace with the Environment Agency recently restocking local fisheries with a great number of specimens.

There has been widespread concerns about the loss of crucian habitat and security threats to the species through hybridisation and rivalry. This is reckoned to be a direct result of inappropriate stocking practices.

The concerns resulted in the formation of the National Crucian Conservation Project in 2014, and their efforts have been paying off.

Crucian carp advance

Member Peter Rolfe who wrote the renowned crucian volume aCrock of Golda explained some of the group’s crucian carp conservation work.

aThe NCCP maintained an oversight on how the crucian preservation cause is progressing, ” said Peter.

aWe work closely with the EA and the Angling Trust and help clubs and individuals to obtain crucian stocks from the EA fish farm at Calverton.

aWe also help with advice on stocking and management of crucian waters.

aWe hope that through our services we have reversed the downward slide to extinction in the UK of this iconic fish, a he added.

The Calverton fish farm increased its production of true crucians to support these stocking initiatives.

Between 2013 and 2016 a staggering total of 152, 046 Dna tested crucians were stocked into 195 separate water … and the work is ongoing, with many stockings this summer.

Trust back crucian carp preservation

In June 2016 the Angling Trust successfully started the quite popular’ Catch a Crucian Month’ photographic competitor, and its become an annual project. It shows the national angling body’s own commitment to crucian carp conservation efforts.

The Trust encourage anglers to get out there crucian angling each spring and summer, and to send in photographs of their catches and scenic waters.


Crucian carp conservation will ensure more happy faces like this fella, southern expert angler Richie Martin. This fantastic image graced the cover-up of Angler’s Mail magazine earlier this year.

Martin Salter, head of campaigns at the Angling Trust and president of the NCCP, said: aThis fantastic initiative has grown in popularity and compliments the excellent practical work that is going on to enhance and restore crucian habitat.

aWe selected this year to extend the rivalry over the three months June to August to give anglers more time to get their entries in.

aThanks to some generous sponsorship from Bait-Tech and Angling Direct, each of the four main wins receives a APS1 00 Angling Direct tackle voucher, a copy of Peter Rolfeas book aCrock of Golda plus a special Bait-Tech bait bucket containing APS3 5 worth of crucian groundbaits, pellets and additives.

aOur magistrates will choose three finalists in each category and all nine finalists will receive the Bait-Tech bait package, a he concluded.

EntriesA for the 2018 rivalry shut at the end of August.

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