Cat queen Stacey sets massive record for popular holiday venue

PARTNERS and Aldi managers Stacey Mulqueen and Adam Whitehouse delivered the goods during a getaway down in Devon.

Fishing at popular Anglers Paradise, the pair’s catches were capped by a whopping 94 lb catfish for Stacey. It set a new complex record.

Fishing the Main Carp Lake, Stacey also added an 82 lb heavyweight (pictured above).

Hulk in the dark – Stacey’s 94-pounder, amidst the torchlight at Anglers Paradise.

And Adam, also 24, chipped in with a 64 lb catfish during their stay at Anglers Paradise.

Based in Birmingham, West Midlands, Adam said: “Stacey’s biggest was caught on a block rig with 20 mm halibut pellets, and our fish are personal bests.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t take great photographs of the 94-pounder, as our camera packed up.

“We also caught a few carp of between 15-25 lb and some baby catfish of around 3 lb in the session.”

Adam releases his 64 lb catfish.

Stacey’s biggest Anglers Paradise cat is one of the biggest catfish caught by a female angler in the UK.

But there have been bigger… at least two ton-up 100 lb cats have been matted.

They include a fish of 120 lb from Norfolk’s Oakwood Park to Kirstin Hole in 2012 a and an 110-pounder from Crow Green in Essex.

Catfish ace Dean Aldridge said: “It’s not the biggest to a female angler in this country but those are two very big fish to Stacey. Very well done.”

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