Carp guide shows the way with two amazing hits of big fish at two venues

ONE of the UK’s leading carp anglers has been in unstoppable form lately.

Tom Maker displays his 52 lb 4 oz mirror carp at The Avenue.

Carp guide Tom Maker, who has fished for the England team, hauled huge carp at an incredible rate at two venues.

Tom kicked off at Shropshire’s The Avenue, run by RH Fisheries, where he landed mirrors of 52 lb 4 oz, 42 lb 4 oz and 40 lb 10 oz, along with a 43 lb 14 oz common.

He then went about trying to find a venue for a second session, and ended up at Brasenose Two, at Oxford’s Linear Fisheries.

The popular venue saw him make  an even bigger hit, catching 13 30-pounders, topped by a 37 lb ghostie, 19 over 20 lb and two doubles, in 36 hours.

Tom, 29, explained: “I was on ‘cloud nine’ after landing a trio of 40s, but the 52 lb 4 oz mirror tipped me over the edge. I was lost for words.

“I wanted a second session. After an extremely stressful and eventful day travelling eight hours to three different complexes to find a swim, I eventually gave it one last roll of the dice, dropping into Linear on my way home.

“I was hoping that someone would be leaving in the evening.

“As luck would have it, and I mean pure luck, the Point Swim on B2 (Brasenose Two) had not long been vacated.

“No one else rushed round to claim the peg, as they were chilling in the sun, enjoying a BBQ, so in I went.

“I filled a bucket with 16 mm Sticky Baits The Krill Active boilies, corn and a few leftover tigers, then proceeded to Spomb the bucket of contents to an area of clay that I had found.

“As I haven’t fished Linear for some time, I was really up for a hectic session, provided I could get the fish going.

Tom Maker continued his form at Linear, with specimens including this ghost common.

“After presenting three 12 mm Peach & Pepper pop-ups over the top of the bucket mix, it didn’t take long to get a bite from a mirror of over 30 lb, which was swiftly followed by another 30. To cap it off, the next bite resulted in another 30.

“B2 hasn’t always been renowned for having lots of 30s in it, but the fish have piled weight on and grown lots in the past 18 months.

“Knowing that I could be on for a bit of a red-letter session, I fed four-to-six Spombfuls of bait after each bite, to keep the fish in the area.

“To say the action was off the scale would be an understatement.

“The average stamp of fish was like nothing I have ever experienced,” concluded Tom, who is a consultant for Fox International and Sticky Baits.

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