Antis target Angling Trust

A LAST-ditch attempt was made by the Hunt Saboteurs Association to disrupt the Angling Trustas Cormorant Watch website .

F28ETA Brian May joins anti Hunt protesters outside parliament Featuring: Atmosphere Where: London, United Kingdom When: 14 Jul 2015

The sabs were encouraging its supporters to record bogus sightings of cormorants, goosanders and mergansers on the website to derail the Trustas goal of having accurate records of the fish-munching birds.

Luckily the Trust generated a quality assurance protocol to avoid false reports so these wonat be included in the final figures. The Cormorant Watch website has now closed.

But things turned ugly on the Hunt Saboteurs Association pages when members said anglers should be shot rather than cormorants.

Mark Lloyd, chief executive of the Angling Trust, told: A aIt is disappointing that these animal rights radicals have chosen to target angling with their hateful action.

aOnline comments on forums associated with this movement have even called for anglers to be shoot, which is appalling.

aWe have never called for predatory birds to be wiped out but we do want to see sensible, proportionate management to control their numbers at sustainable levels that can support viable populations.

aAngling is loved by three million people, supports 40,000 jobs and makes APS3billion for the UK economy. These people will not stop us , a he added.

Martin Salter, campaigns administrator for the Angling Trust, added: aUnfortunately the growth of social media has given a much bigger platform for all types of protest and this does include people who would love to damage angling.

aAlthough this is a very tiny minority we must always be on our guard to protect our sport. Unfortunately the recent ill-conceived petition for the control of otters did us no favors amongst the public at large, a he concluded.

Who are the anti-anglers?

Hunt Saboteurs Association
Mostly anti-fox hunting and to some extent shooting game, but this recent occurrence highlightings they will attack angling.

Campaign For The Abolition Of Anglers
Formed from other groups in 1985, it had over 200 members at it peak and had national campaigns and their own publication Pisces. But it ceased to exist in 2003. Some members moved onto The Black Fish group, an international marine conservation organisation.

People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals
This wealthy US-Abased group, supported by starrings like Pamela Anderson, want an outright angling forbid but are very unlikely to get it in the fishing- mad States where there are nearly 30 million anglers. They donat even want catch-and-release fishing to be allowed.

The Royal Society For The Protection of Birds
This wealthy group formed in 1889, and are not anti-angling, and allow angling on many water they control, but ban fishing on other venues. But they donat support any culling of cormorants, and wonat be drawn into the otter debate despite the furry predators killing thousands of birds a year. Had an income of APS1 40.6 million in 2017.

Royal Society For The Protection Of Cruelty To Animals
Not directly calling for a ban on angling, different groups who have an income of APS1 43.5 million in 2016, guesses angling is cruel. Their own policy statement on angling says: aThe RSPCA believes that current practices in angling involve the imposition of pain and agony on fish. The Medway Report has proved to the gratification of the RSPCA that fish are capable of experiencing pain and agony. The RSPCA advocates that those anglers who see fit to pursue their activities adopt a code of practise based on this report.a


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