Night fishing trip ends with carp angler in agony- and in hospital

A CARP angler has highlighted health risks associated with angling after he ended up in agony with a badly broken leg .

Chris Eggison was night angling at A1 Pits in Nottinghamshire when his calamitous collision with gear cluttered around his swimming. It resulted in him being rushed to Lincoln Hospital for surgery to a transgressed tibia and fibula.

The 48 -year old from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, explained: aI arrived at the lakes at around 1pm and, considering carp moving, started surface fishing with bread flake.

” I soon hooked into a pristine common carp of around 14 lb, and added another three before my pal Glen arrived.

aWe intended to spend the night fishing- catching up, having some chill-out time moaning about the pressures of work and wives, what we might do if we became millionaires … and hopefully catching some carp .”

Calm Chris with a carp…before the’ storm ‘!


Chris continued: aAt around 11 pm I was tired so opened up my bedchair and get to be laid down under the stars guessing I will tidy my peg in a short while a big mistake! It was likely the biggest mistake I have made to datea |.

aI was awoken at 2am by an absolute belting run. But for some really strange reason I climbed off the opposite side of my bedchair and noticed the gear I had left between me and the rods.

aThe was really going for it so I panicked and tried to leap over the and landed next to the rod ,” he told Angler’s Mail.

Shin bone’ cracks and folded’

Chris added: aAs I came down on the other side my left foot caught the edge of the box causing me to land at an odd slant, and as my weight came onto that leg I felt my shin bone crack and fold.

aI sat up and looked at my leg and this confirmed my greatest anxiety, it was pointing in a different direction from halfway down my shin-bone.

aAfter about five minutes Glen came up and asked me if I was going to strike the operate. I told him from being laid on the floor that I had broken my leg and for him to take the fish.

” The fish was on but the hooking pulled which although was a dishonor it was the last thing on my mind.

aWhile waiting for the ambulance I started shaking uncontrollably with shock, Glen attained sure I was warm and kept me focused until they arrived which was around one hour after the incident.

aI was dreading the paramedics even going near my leg due to the pain, but they managed to get an air-cushioned sling under my leg and get me into the ambulance.

aI now have a titanium rod running down through my shin-bone and will have lost a good five months of being able to conduct normal chores before I recover.

aAt the time of the accident I was working as a manufacturing manager but had decided to leave the number of jobs anyway so am now unemployed.

aTen weeks on I sit here and decided to share this story in an effort to drive home the importance of keeping your peg tidy. Sometimes the best lessons in life are the hardest! a he added.

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